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Enamel-insulated rectangular wire for the electric mobility

The production of high precision enamelable rectangular copper wires is much more difficult than the production of round wire. If drawing dies are used, a significantly worse - because asymmetrical - lubricating film of the cooling fluid is formed compared to drawing round wires. At speeds above 60 m/min, the lubricant film begins to crack in the area of the edge radii. A failure of the drawing die is the consequence as well as production stop and higher costs.

Today’s requirements of customers for enamel-insulated rectangular wires compel the manufacturers to prove that no wire damage occurs before enamelling. Even when using the best winding and unwinding systems, it cannot be guaranteed that the bare wire will be free of damage during offline production. This results in the task of inline production.

Because of this market developments, FUHR has developed an economical inline profiling system which is called IPU320.

The IPU320 combines rolling and profile drawing processes, whereby large width to thickness ratios of 1:1 up to 8:1 can also be achieved by driven rollers. The rolling unit is equipped with a closed control system, which does not require an electrical interface to the paint spray line. The required space is kept at a minimal size with 2 meters. Therefore, retrofitting in existing paint spray lines usually is possible without having to adapt the existing system.

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Exhibitor: FUHR GmbH & Co. KG


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