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Highly efficient, low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces. Activities include research, engineering and design, production, sales and service worldwide.

About us

Since our formation in the year 1982 (after the second oil crisis) we claim to be leaders in the field of combustion research and burner development. A fully equipped combustion laboratory with highly motivated personnel should ensure this leading role, also in the future. Besides test furnaces and experimental setups, we can benefit from more than 25 years of experience in using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) models. The research activities are documented by several national and international research projects with many partners from academia and industry. Members of WS published many research papers and reviews and many patents were granted. The most prominent example is flameless oxidation - FLOX® (registered trademark of WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH, Rennigen, Germany), which gained worldwide recognition. Besides combustion research, WS was pioneering the application of new ceramic components in the field of burner and radiant tube technology.

WS is an active member of FOGI (Research Association for Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment).

WS-Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH
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Products and Services

Self-Recuperative burners for direct and indirect heating
Capacity: 10-300kW
Self-Regenerative burners for direct and indirect heating
Capacity: 100-450 kW
Radiant tube in SiSiC design for highest application temperature
Design & Consulting of heat-treatment solutions.


High-efficient self recuperative burner
Max. capacity 100kW
Combined heat exchanger from SiSiC for highest application temperature and gap-flow recuperator for highest Efficiency.
Flameless operation for lowest NOx <100mg/Nm³


Self-Regenerative burner for radiant tube application
Max. capacity 140kW
For installation into PP-shape radiant tube for CGL/CAL lines.
FLOX combustion for lowest NOx level <100mg/Nm³ BUT highest efficiency with 85%

Radiant Tube combustion system for Silicon strip lines

Design & Customized developing of combustion system for silicon strip lines - lowest NOx level <100mg/Nm³
- at the same time highest efficiency with >80%
- Plug & Play solution ready for installation
- Implementation of BAT (Best Avalible Technology) for operation, control and safety of combustion system
- aftersales support with customer training, service support, etc

News & Innovations

Future Heating of Industrial Furnaces

Many people view climate change as the biggest threat to mankind. Technical and social efforts will be required to meet the goals, formulated in the “Paris Climate Agreement,” to limit global warming to less than 35.6° F (2° C).

Combustion of fossil fuels is by far the largest human contribution to global warming. Fossil fuel-fired power plants and internal combustion engines are already in the public focus. The transformation to alternative drives for vehicles has just started, and the days of coal-fired power plants are numbered.

Combustion of fossil fuels for industrial furnaces is also a large contributor to greenhouse gases and air pollution. The industrial heating sector is not in the public focus yet, but that will change soon; therefore the topic should be addressed proactively.

For mid- to long-term future industrial process heating, there are three main scenarios:

heating with renewable electricity, or
heating with non-fossil fuels, or
a combination of both.
Humans used non-fossil fuels for hundreds of thousands of years and are returning to that habit after a short period of about 250 years where fossil fuels were primarily used.

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