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WAFIOS is a globally leading company for the manufacture of precision machinery for wire, tube and chains, with significant activities in the cold forming industry.

About us

WAFIOS is a globally leading company for the manufacture of precision machinery for wire, tube and chains, with significant activities in the cold forming industry. Thanks to our broad range of products, we are able to offer our customers solutions from a single source. WAFIOS’ strength lies in its diversity. Its structure and market orientation are unique in the world.

Our customers' benefit is the focus of our thinking and acting. We are committed to provide our customers with solutions of top quality. Therefore, we pay particular attentions to a systematic quality and innovation management.

Besides outstanding machines and customer-oriented services, we have also realized process optimization through automation and our iQ functions, which significantly improve the performance of machines, enabling customers to keep up with the trend in a material- and energy-saving way.

WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.
1st-2nd Floor, North Building No. 1, No. 398 Shuanglian Road
201702 Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
P. R. China

Phone: +86 21 64967188
Internet: www.wafios.com.cn

WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.
1st-2nd Floor, North Building No. 1, No. 398 Shuanglian Road
201702 Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
P. R. China

Phone: +86 21 64967188
Internet: www.wafios.com.cn

Products and Services

CNC spring coiling machine FUL 16: high output rate and high flexibility, capable of producing 1,500 springs/min. High quality standard ensures a zero error production through the exclusive in-process control.

CNC spring and wire forming system FMU series: very high flexibility, availability and user friendliness; comfortable programming of complex spring geometries of all types of springs; designed for the production of hairpins, torsion, extension and extended loop springs and bent parts with high precision and productivity.

CNC bending and coiling machine B 36: engineered in Germany and made in China; for two- and three- dimensional bent parts and frames from wire and profiled materials; perfect combination of performance and cost efficiency.

CNC tube bending machine BMZ series: made of superior and precise technology; high degree of automation and output rate; extremely high bending speeds.
CNC winding, coiling and bending machine for the production of all types of springs

Masters of Flexibility and Productivity

Designed for the production of torsion, extension and extended loop springs and bent parts, the WAFIOS FMU series opens up a host of new options for the spring industry.

The machine are characterized by quick tool change and set-up times thanks to the speed and ease with which the parts can be changed and the corresponding tool settings can be adjusted.

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CNC bending machine for the production of three-dimentionally bent parts and busbars made of flat material

Trend-setting Machine Concept for the E-mobility Sector

The WAFIOS BMF 60 offers for the first time a completely new production concepts for parts and busbars made of profiled material. It combines the following process steps in one machinery system: insulation stripping, bending and cutting.

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CNC tube bending machine RBV 25 R

Designed for the production of bent tube parts with high output rate thanks to pioneering design features. The integrated three-jaw gripper system also holds tubes whose ends have been processed. With the new extendable tube stop, boost pressure can be applied to the tube while the last bend is made and short, straight end sections are required. Automated processes in combination with a magazine and / or a robot interface are possible for the flexible production of small or large series.

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News & Innovations

WAFIOS Develops a New and Revolutionary Process for Hairpin Production
Hairpins are challenging bent wire components made of copper wire as the core element, clad in a layer of insulation. These electrically conductive parts are used in the new generation of hairpin motors. These components are subject to very demanding requirements in terms of their geometry and surface properties. Existing manufacturing processes such as those involving the use of automatic multi-slide units or transfer systems usually entail a high level of overhead in terms of tool set-up and programming work, as well as substantial tool costs.

With the wealth of experience that comes from 125 years spent forming wires and tube components of all kinds, WAFIOS elected to shoulder the challenge of hairpin production.
The result? Quite simply the most flexible machine currently available on the market.

This flexible new process means that the majority of hairpin geometries for a stator, including the connection assemblies required, can be manufactured in any sequence without the need to change tools.

A patent for this bending process has been applied for, a process that enables bending work to be accurate and free of physical damage. This is a field in which WAFIOS has many years of experience. The measurement and feedback control algorithms this process employs ensure that the machine is able to monitor and control itself during production operations. Even in situations where the paint gets stripped inadvertently from the contact points, WAFIOS is a competent partner, one able to offer various solutions to suit customer wishes.

Geometric programming dispenses with the need for the user to program individual CNC axes. This speeds up the definition of hairpin geometry.
Flexibility depends on the geometric programming of bending parts and/or hairpins. The WAFIOS controller WPS 3.2 EasyWay also allows you to import 3D geometries automatically with STEP / IGES files. After the co-ordinates have been imported, the requisite bending program can be produced automatically.

There is also the option of integrating and using the simulation tool to run through the complete production sequence of the bending component. The entire process is simulated using a digital twin, including machines, tools and workpieces to create a dependable collision check in advance. The entire production planning process, including the programming of parts, simulation, definition of cycle time and the collision check, can be performed in a parallel manner at an external programming station. In addition, simulation is used to establish the optimum tool arrangement for the specific bending part.
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Flexibility is Key – New WAFIOS SNA Series for the Production of Rings and Wave Springs on one Machine
Designed for the production of high-precision one- or multi-turn rings from profiled material, as well as right-hand coiled wave springs (option), the SNA series offers a wide range of application possibilities. The upgraded machine version with a special pitch device can be used to produce rings with waves, multi-turn rings with crimps or complex wave springs. Compared to conventional spiral springs, wave springs offer a continuously high spring force and deflection while requiring only limited installation space.

Optimized unit costs due to an increased output and machine availability ensure high profitability

The new and globally unique machine concept follows the reliable technology of the predecessor series and profits from more than a decade of WAFIOS know-how in the production of rings and wave springs. Numerous modifications of the machine concept have increased the machine efficiency and the product quality guaranteeing an economical production. The sensor-controlled ejection of finished workpieces and the horizontally mounted feed unit for an ideal, slip-free infeed of the profiled material are only two of the many enhancements. The possibility to exchange the guide rollers as a whole unit enables a preliminary set-up outside the machine which increases the machine's availability.

Exceptional variety of parts, production of rings and wave springs of the most diverse geometries and even the smallest diameters

The adjustment of the wave height and of the sinusoidal course of the wave pitch is new. It enables a quicker set-up of the machine and an easier production of complex wave springs - even with a different distribution of spring forces within the spring. The programmable shearing cut and die cut allow for component-specific cut-off shapes, the adjustable positioning of the cutting height based on the ring/spring type to be produced and a positive influence on the cutting burr. Thanks to the possibility to change from die cut (for rings) to shearing cut (for wave springs) and vice versa, a maximum range of products can be produced, featuring, for example, formed, open or closed ends. The robust multiple-roller coiling unit with up to 5 coiling rollers ensures highly precise ring diameters, no matter whether they are required to be circular or oval.

High operating convenience due to numerous options with simplified, optimized set-up possibilities and well-proven user interface

The specially developed WAFIOS high-end programming software WPS 3.2 EasyWay enables an efficient programming of ring and wave spring geometries. Numerous pre-configured programs of different ring and wave spring geometries make it easy for the operator to set up new products.
Exchangeable tool cassettes as well as the possibility to save geometry and tool settings shorten tooling times considerably and optimize repeat set-ups and availability. The previously mentioned simple adjustment of the wave height (pitch) and wave shape (sinusoidal course) in the WAFIOS programming system with which the geometry of the waves can be changed by default parameters (no macro programming), facilitates operation and increases application possibilities. The production of wave springs with varying sinusoidal curves and different wave heights is only one of them.

The process optimization tool "iQwavespring" for an automatic diameter correction is a completely new development. iQwavespring calculates motion sequences and automatically corrects the diameter based on variations of the pitch. The automatic correction makes the set-up process a lot easier and reduces set-up times. Thanks to the new software function also the high quality requirements on the workpiece can be met and the number of rejects is reduced to a minimum.

The innovative and modern machine design of the WAFIOS SNA series is unique, user-friendly, increases the output and availability of the machine and is characterized by a high accuracy of the workpieces. The all-electric ring coiling machine offers the wire-processing industry a wide range of application possibilities. The industry's trend towards ever-smaller installation spaces make wave springs more and more interesting, especially when conventional spiral springs cannot be used due to their height. Companies from the most diverse industries, like, for example, the medical or mechanical engineering industry or the automotive industry and their suppliers can benefit from the SNA series. Further reading
"Custom-Made" - Unique, Patent-Pending Method for the Production of Cutstom-Fit Busbars for the E-Mobility Sector
Importance of busbars for the e-mobility sector
The production of modern drive technologies, as used in hybrid and electric vehicles, requires new, economically manufactured components. Conductive components (busbars) are of particular importance here. They are needed to ensure the safe and reliable power transmission between individual battery modules and electric motors. Busbars are particularly suitable for connecting the rechargeable batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles. By now, busbars have virtually become irreplaceable in the e-mobility industry. The advantage of busbars is that they - unlike conventional, flexible cable connections - are better suited for automatic assembly. In robot assembly lines, rigid busbars can be connected with battery packages more easily and more safely than flexible cables.

Limited installation space
When a vehicle is developed, the final geometry available for the battery packages is determined at a very late point of time. At this point, the remaining space available must be used optimally. This is when the busbar's geometry is determined and the advantage of a custom-fit, rigid component becomes clear. The available installation space is filled with closely arranged battery packages in order to increase the available performance and capacity. There is hardly any space left for the busbars connecting these packages and the busbars' geometry depends on the individual vehicle model. The connection of the individual battery packages is usually quite bizarre: the components used feature contortions, distortions and angles which make it almost impossible to an outsider to envision the installation of the component. The small and tight bending radii required become harder and harder to produce reliably and economically by means of conventional production methods. These technological requirements have encouraged WAFIOS to develop a new generation of machines.

Newly developed WAFIOS machine concept BMF 60 for the production of busbars used in the e-mobility sector
The CNC-controlled BMF 60 is a completely new bending machine for the production of profiled parts and busbars developed by WAFIOS. The latest, patent-pending technologies have been incorporated in this machine in order to bend complex parts with tightest radii and distortions. In addition to the conventional straightening, bending and cutting process, an insulation stripping and twisting process can be integrated into the machine. WAFIOS' idea was to manufacture a three-dimensional component including the stripping of the insulation off the component's ends in one cycle. The intention was to establish a more economic and more flexible production method for busbars on the market. The new machine concept includes the CO² laser system for insulation stripping which can be integrated into the production process. The insulation stripping process can be carried out in-line. Therefore, those areas of the component of which the insulation shall be stripped off can be selected via the control software WPS 3.2 EasyWay. Thus, contact points can be positioned flexibly. Finally, the pay-off unit for wire spools (SPH 1000) ensures the smooth unwinding of material without that the (insulated) material gets damaged. It enables the production of busbars that are almost ready to install.

Newly developed and patent-pending tool for freely forming the workpiece
A typical feature of WAFIOS wire bending machines is that the bending process is always three-dimensional. At all times, the wire is positioned by the rotation of the feed unit and not by the rotation of the bending head. The shape (geometry) of the 3D workpiece can be automatically produced in one step. To enable the machine to process flat material, specific tool solutions needed to be developed and different modifications to the machine's advance feed unit, straightening unit, bending mandrels and cutting unit had to be made. The new bending technology with clamped mandrel offers highest precision also for bending smallest radii with minimum bending distances and enables the forming of the material with a minimum deformation of the insulation layer. The patent-pending bending tool specifically designed for this purpose offers degrees of freedom over 5 axes. Besides a controlled twisting of the processed material, the twisting unit enables the production of very complicated bending geometries and an in-process change of bending levels (so-called "twisting") by which different connection levels can be reached.

Simulation software for checking the feasibility and cycle time
A simulation software for flat material has been developed for the BMF 60 in order to check the feasibility and cycle time of production orders before they are started. The software can be installed, for instance, on a conventional laptop computer allowing a quick examination of the required busbar geometry on the customer's site. The customer gets instant information of whether the part can be produced free from collisions on the BMF and on the cycle time. Projectability, feasibility and security of investment are guaranteed already while the busbars are being designed. Further reading

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