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SIKORA is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technology for the wire, cable, optical fiber and further industries.

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SIKORA is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technology for the wire and cable, hose and tube, optical fiber and plastics industry.

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Products and Services

Cable manufacturers aim to produce economically. Every micrometer of insulation material that can be saved by the use of measuring and control technology optimizes productivity. With SIKORA technology, customers benefit from an increasing product quality, process stability and profitability: modern Laser, X-ray and millimeter wave technologies measure precisely and reliably product parameters such as diameter, ovality, wall thickness and concentricity. In addition, inspection, analyzing and sorting systems for XLPE pellets, as they are used for the insulation of medium, high, and extra-high voltage cables, ensure highly clean material in the extrusion process. In fiber draw towers, SIKORA measuring devices monitor the entire drawing process of optical fibers. With this complete range of innovative technologies manufacturers run their production lines more efficiently and economically, ensuring optimum quality during the entire production process.

The X-RAY 8000 NXT and X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED are proven tools that became globally an industrial standard for quality control at the production of medium, high and extra-high voltage cables in CCV, VCV and MDCV lines. They convince by precise and reliable measurements of concentricity, wall thickness, diameter and ovality as well as by controlling cables with up to three layers. Today there are more than 1,500 X-RAY 8000 systems at customer locations worldwide assuring online quality control.

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X-RAY 6000 PRO

For the continuous quality control in hose and tube extrusion lines or directly during the insulation respectively jacketing process of wires and cables, the X-ray measuring devices X-RAY 6000 and X-RAY 6000 PRO are recommended. Both systems provide precise and reliable measuring values regarding diameter, wall thickness, concentricity as well as ovality and allow to keep the required product specifications.

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FIBER Series 6000

The FIBER Series 6000 includes innovative devices for the diameter measurement of optical fibers in the drawing process, for the detection of airlines, tension measurement, measurement of the fiber temperature, for the determination of the concentricity of the coating as well as the detection of the smallest lumps and neckdowns.

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News & Innovations

Meet SIKORA at wire China 2020 (W1 E11)

At wire China 2020, from September 23 to 26, 2020, in Shanghai, SIKORA will present its innovative measuring, control, inspection, sorting, and analysis systems. On the exhibition booth visitors can discover the most recent technological innovations for quality control and process optimization for the wire and cable, optical fiber as well as plastics industries - in compliance with safety and hygiene rules.

Worldwide, users of SIKORA devices benefit from an increasing quality, optimized processes and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Modern Laser and X-ray technologies measure precisely and reliably product parameters such as diameter, ovality, wall thickness, and concentricity. In addition, SIKORA presents spark testers for the detection of insulation faults, lump detectors for the detection of faults on the product surface, capacity measuring systems as well as devices for reliable conductor preheating and temperature measurement and control.

A highlight on the SIKORA booth will be the X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED. With the X-ray based system, SIKORA introduces state-of-the-art High Speed Technology (HST) that is tailored to the demands of MV, HV and EHV cable production. It represents an advanced alternative to the successful and established X-RAY 8000 NXT. The system is equipped with 16 measuring sensors and measures the diameter, wall thickness and eccentricity of cables in CV lines up to 10 faster than the X-RAY 8000 NXT, and thus, is predestined for an even more efficient control and information transparency in terms of Industry 4.0.

With the FIBER TENSION 6003, SIKORA widens its product family for quality control of optical fibers. The gauge head offers an extremely fast, reliable and precise tension measurement and control. Due to the high measuring rate of up to 10 kHz and the application of the birefringence principle, the stand-alone gauge head is particularly attractive for manufacturers of high-end solutions. The FIBER TENSION 6003 is predestined for optical fibers that are further processed into premium optical fiber cables. The FIBER TENSION 6003 can be used for hot as well as cold measurement of the bare fiber.

In the area of plastics SIKORA shows in China the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED for online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets that are used for the insulation of MV, HV and EHV cables as well as onshore and offshore cables. The unique combination of an X-ray camera with an optical camera system is currently the only technology that reliably detects contamination inside of plastic pellets as well as on their surface. Contaminated pellets are automatically sorted out.

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