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WiTechs offers wire rod pay-off equipments, mechanical descaling systems, cleaning, coating and other wire processing machines.

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WIRE PAY-OFF - With optimal pre-treatment of the wire, your drawing processes run more quickly and smoothly. Within our designs and developments we always have your entire wire production in mind.

WIRE DESCALING - Be it bending descaling, steel wool descaling or sanding descaling – thorough cleaning increases the drawing speed and the lifetime of the die. The more thoroughly this is done, the faster the process and the better the quality of the end product. Our descaling methods are available for almost any type of wire.

WIRE COATING - Be it wet coating or dry coating – an even and reproducible layer guarantees reliability in the production procedures. It enables speeds that make the drawing or rolling process even more productive.

WIRE CLEANING - Drawing agent residue is removed from the wire rod in two ways – conventionally, using the highly effective wet brushing, or with our new multi-stage cleaning process for high through-speeds. Both processes can be coupled with a filtration system to ensure continuous operation.
Wire rod pay-offs

UEKA 1 / UEKA 2 rod overhead pay-off; rod up to 16 mm; total height 6 - 9 m; rod speed greater than 10 m/s; scale section completely housed with tarpaulin (option); hydraulically tiltable coil carrier for 3 tons coil weight; upper guiding roller and loop catcher movable by chain hoist.

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Wire descaling lines

SEZ-4-300 double head / SEZ-2-450 single head grinding machine/sander; wire diameter 5.5 - 8.0 mm (option up to 30.0 mm); wire passing speed up to 4.0 m/s; adjustable flyer speed, adjustable belt speed.

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Wire cleaning and coating lines

HSBE-3302 wire cleaning-coating machine for liquid lubricant; in-line cleaning with liquid; especially suitable for mechanically descaled wire rod but also for acid-clean rod; carrier-coating with anorganic salt mixture instead of pure borax; coating and drying at infeed-speed up to 4.0 m/s; corrosion protected due to stainless steel finish; extensive control and monitoring panel for safe and economical production process.

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