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WAFIOS is a globally leading company for the manufacture of wire and tube working machines and with significant activities in the cold forming industry. Due to our broad range of products we are able to offer our customers solutions from a single source. WAFIOS’ strength lies in its diversity. Its structure and market orientation is unique in the world. Our customers benefit is the focus of our thinking and acting. We want to provide our customers with better solutions than our competitors can. Therefore, we pay particular attention to a systematic quality and innovation management. Our declared goal is the quality as well as innovation leadership. Our customer service is of outstanding importance in order to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Besides excellent machines and customer-oriented services, WAFIOS’ software line „IQ“ is another unique selling point. These practical software solutions enable WAFIOS customers to follow the current trend, i.e. to produce in a material- and energy-saving way.

Products and services

High productivity and accurate spring coiling machine FUL16 with real time process control.

High speed and accurate left and right hand bending machine RBV25R.

Design in Germany and Made in China wire bending machine B36.

Spring coiling machine FUL 16

The highest speed spring coiling machine in the world with real time quality control through IQcontrol. Working range from 0.12-0.8mm.

Tube bending machine RBV25R

The RBV 25R tube bending machine is designed with energy efficiency concept. This machine can be integrated with different IQ functions from WAFIOS to have better quality control and set up time reduction.

Wire bending machine B36

Design in Germany build in China. The first performance machine from WAFIOS. Working range from 2-6.5mm soft wire, 2-3.6mm spring wire.

WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.
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Kent Zhao
General Manager
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WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd
1st- 2nd Floor, North Building No.1, No. 398 Shuanglian Road
201702 Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
P. R. China

Phone: +86 21 64967188
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Internet: www.wafios.com.cn
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News & Innovations

WAFIOS Tube Bending Machine RBV25R

The new RBV 25R tube bending machine, meanwhile, is one example of how WAFIOS is combining energy efficiency with high operating speeds. With the new IQconvert software function, the machine is able to achieve significant reductions in programming and setup times. The system converts CAD data so that it can be used directly by the machine's control mechanism.

WAFIOS Robot Bending System TWISTER²
The modular, flexible TWISTER² robotic bending system. Combining handling and bending tasks, the system marks a first by featuring a robot fully integrated into its control area. This makes it possible to perform bending tasks while the robot keeps a firm hold of the tube. The interpolating machine and robot axes move in synchronism with one another. The system makes producing three-dimensional geometries a much easier process, maintaining the utmost levels of productivity and process reliability as it does so. But its real highlight is the fact that users do not need to give the robot's control system a second thought - unlike conventional machine/robot combinations, in which the machine and robot elements need to be programmed separately. This WAFIOS solution makes it possible to control the entire system, including collision detection, using nothing but the WPS 3.2 EasyWay programming system interface. Not only that, but the modular concept underpinning the TWISTER² also allows third-party systems and downstream processes to be integrated. "Through this system, we are showing the experts in this field a world-first innovation that we are extremely proud of and it is reinforcing our position as a leading light in technology", states Dr. Uwe-Peter Weigmann.
WAFIOS New Spring Coiling Machine FUL183 and FUL203
With available of the advanced FUL 183 and FUL 203, it now means that WAFIOS is able to provide machines for a full range of requirements in applications involving springs made from wires of up to 20 mm. Spring coiling machines in this range of sizes are primarily geared toward applications in the automotive industry and the trend in favor of heavier vehicles. If a vehicle experiences more weight on its wheels due to the batteries that come with electric and hybrid cars - or SUV designs - then it requires more stable chassis springs. "Our new machines offer the ideal solution in these cases, as they deliver outstanding quality in high production quantities. This isn't always something that's easy to find in machines that deal with spring wires of up to 20 mm", explains WAFIOS Executive Board member Dr. Uwe-Peter Weigmann.

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