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transfluid – the solution for tubes
As a globally demanded partner for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines, transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH emphasize on guaranteeing the customer the optimum in added value. With the process of CNC-controlled rotary tube forming the company is the world's market leader. Since 1988 transfluid has been further developing its technologies for tube machining, so that it can provide customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions – for plant and machine construction, the automotive and energy industries, shipbuilding and medical device manufacturing.

t bend – tube bending machines
t form– tube forming machines offer the perfect tube shaping solutions
t motion – automation systems as fully developed concepts for bending and forming technology
t cut – tube cutting machines
tu go – standardised portfolio of machinery for immediate delivery
t project –powerful software for rapid and reliable tube processing

Products and services

Trademarks and products by transfluid
t bend stands for a wide range of tube bending machines, which fulfil the highest demands in terms of industrial applications.
The tube forming machines in the t form range offer the perfect tube shaping solutions. Tube forming is important as an individual or supplementary process, in order to obtain optimally tailored tubes.
Automation systems are offered as fully developed concepts for bending and forming technology, under t motion.

t cut covers the field of tube cutting machines. Here, transfluid is able to provide a range of different systems, for example for chipless orbital cutting.

Additionally, with the new tu go range, transfluid offers a standardised portfolio of machinery, which is available from stock.
For rapid and reliable tube processing transfluid offers the powerful software t project. It can be used as an effective online connenction for bending machines, production, measurement systems and the majority of CAD systems.

Tube right-left bending machine: t bend DB- 630-CNC-RL

This transfluid t bend solution with turning head permits collision-free right-left bending at demanding installation spaces and plant positioning. With this dynamic solution, pipes can be efficiently and economically processed right-/leftwards. The standard equipment includes two tool levels on each bending head. The machine can be equipped with a system for free forming of large radii. Loading magazines, automated handling systems and a robot-supported production can be implemented as well.

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Bending machine for large tubes: t bend DB 40120 CNC VE

This powerful transfluid CNC mandrel bending machine bends tubes with diameters between 20 and 120 mm without any effort. Thick- and thin-walled tubes of any material and also with radii of 1.5 x tube diameter or smaller can be machined. This is made possible by sophisticated control and machine technology. Short set-up times - partly less than 10 minutes - increase the economic efficiency and optimise the flexibility.

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t fom – tube forming: Combination machine

Special challenges require special solutions. transfluid developed an impressively high-performance dual pack for pipe forming. The solution providers combine the benefits of rolling and axial pipe forming in their combination machine t form. With this combined pipe forming system, cutting can be performed before axial pipe forming or a compressed geometry can be subsequently rolled. The tool changes are completed very quickly.

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News & Innovations

Tube forming machine with automatic tool recognition
The axial tube forming machine by transfluid REB 645 allows for tube machining with quick tool changes for complex geometries and extreme degrees of forming.
The starting point is a barcode scanning system. Using this system, the processing data of a tube with individual barcode can be easily read – for an end forming for example. For this purpose, all tools of the machine, which is equipped with 6 forming stations, have sensors (RFID). This ensures that the right programme and the appropriate tools are available. If the automatic inspection unit detects a wrong tool, the operating panel with data memory displays this information immediately. The identification for the correct tool for the change is indicated as well. Using the convenient transfluid tool quick-change system the machine operator can directly set up the necessary tooling and start working to precisely form the tube end.
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A precise engine manifold with two blade cutting
A system developed by transfluid for a current project enables the processing of tubes of up to 60 mm with a bending radius of 1 x D. Most of the tubes produced in this case feature two or three bends, with the cut made straight after the last bend. No additional follow-up cuts are required. The bending machine for this solution features a centre-line booster and three bending planes, plus the plane where the cutting tool is used.
An additional system, which has only recently left the transfluid workshop, can fully automatic load, bend, cut and endform manifolds. The features of the machine are very similar to those mentioned previously. However, in this case the handling is executed in full by four robots. The machines are designed, so that all of the tools are interchangeable and can be shared. This system is able to produce a set of tubes for an engine manifold, consisting of four different tubes, without the need for follow-up cutting.

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transfluid develops an efficient bending system for short and long pipes
transfluid develops an efficient bending system for short and long pipes
When the requirements are complex, a solution is required that provides dynamic and diverse results, like in the case of transfluid’s current project. In this case, the special developed automation system bends 6 m long pipes with small diameters at a consistently high speed. Simultaneously, the transfluid production unit is capable of producing shorter pipelines of 500 mm featuring diverse bending geometry in large quantities. Handling the coated pipes during the process is also a demand. Because of the sensitive surfaces, special care and treatment are required during processing.
To ensure that production can be implemented safely, quickly, and thoroughly, transfluid has equipped two robots that are used as bending machines with different magazines. One magazine is a so-called “chain conveyor”. It guides long pipes to the bending robot. According to the markings placed on the pipes by the encoding beforehand, the robots are able to detect which geometries need to be produced.
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