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Precision Solutions for Measurement and Calibration burster developed over 5 decades to one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring instruments, ohmmeters, process instruments, calibrators and sensors for mechanical measurements. We provide a wide range of test and measurement products for solutions in quality control, R+D and production automation applications. burster advanced the development and making of basic technology and trendsetter essentially and therefore provides its customers with an affluent treasure of product and application know how. The high level of the in-house production facility in Germany guarantees long lasting quality products for our customers.

Especially for the wire and cable industry burster provides well-proven and established measurement technology for electrical resistance, measurement on cables, wires, coils, motors and transformer windings and production control in cable and wire twisting machines.

Products and services

  • High precision inspection and test instruments for low-ohmic resistance and conductivity measurements of cable, motors, transformers, etc.
  • Fast resistance test instruments for 100% in-production resistance measurement of fuses, coils, switches, relays, plug contacts, welded joints, etc.
  • Allround micro-ohmmeters for measurement of low-ohmic resistance in laboratory and test field
  • Clamping devices for meter probes for the precise measurement of cable probes up to 2500 mm²
  • Test probes as tong and pointer versions for 4-wire measurement of resistances of various applications
  • Calibration precision resistors for traceable calibration of all micro-ohmmeters and suitable as current shunts.
burster ohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2304 with clamping device 2381

With the help of clamping device model 2381 and a milliohm- or microohmmeter of burster's RESISTOMAT® series, the ohmic resistances of test cables and material samples in the shape of cords or strips can be measured. Fields of application include production monitoring, quality assurance and general test measurements. Model 2381 consists of a robust, warp-resistant, light-metal rail with one movable and one rigid clamping device. It allows the measurement of samples 50 to 1000 mm long.

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burster ohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2316 with clamping device 2381

Fast and accurate measurements of the smallest resistance values are possible with the milliohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2316. Due to the rugged aluminium injection moulding desktop housing with membrane keypad it is suitable for use in laboratory and industrial environment likewise. Wires and coils can be measured with temperature compensation. The sample temperature is measured with a Pt 100 or pyrometer and the resistance is then corrected to the equivalent at e.g. 20 °C (adjustable).

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burster ohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2304 / World Leading Ohmmeter with a resolution of up to 1 NanoOhm

The automatic inspection and test unit combines a high degree of measuring accuracy, variable resolution and long-term stability with user-friendly operation. It covers a wide range of applications:
High-precision measuring of ohmic and contact resistances in lab, test field and production
Series tests
Calibration in production
Measurements on coil, motor and transformer windings
Recording of cooling curves on windings
Meter probes on cables and wires
Determining resistivity values

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News & Innovations

Clamping Device 2383 for conductivity measurement of stranded aluminium power cables
The new challenge of measuring large cross section stranded probes forces us to have answers for several questions as i.e. fast oxidation and bad conductivity between different strands, an even current distribution in the conductor requiring typically a factor of 20 (length/diameter) as well as the problem of the wire entangling of the cut probe. To answer those questions we developed our new wire holding device model 2383. It will work compatible with the measurement equipment RESISTOMAT® 2304, which might be already in use. Copper probes can be measured with the same clamping device, and if waterbath 2382 is already used, it can be retrofitted. We want to make sure you get the right and most economical equipment.

Special features:

• Cut probe measurement of stranded aluminium
• Works for pure or alloy aluminium
• Stranded copper measurement with same clamping device
• Control for foolproof measurement in the production process
• Evaluation and data protocol recording PC software

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