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Boockmann Engineering GmbH, Bad Bocklet, Germany, exhibits its HELICORD® technology, based on a push-pull-controlled textile cord wrapped around a wire or cable. This technology has been proven successful in cleaning round wire and strands to prevent blow-outs after extrusion, preparing the surface of insulated cables, and in applying different types of finishes especially for welding wire, such as corrosion inhibitors, strip aids and adhesion enhancers. The cord is continuously fed into the process area of the machine, with cord speed being controlled by the speed of the production line, wiping off impurities or distributing liquids evenly on the surface. Main advantages of Boockmann's HELICORD® as compared to other cleaning technologies are: Multiple 360° contact between wire/cable and cleaning medium; the cleaning medium is constantly refreshed; the efficiency of the process is independent from the production speed. The main focus now is progress on finishing materials for welding wire.

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Close-up of looping unit of a HELICORD® machine

Especially designed for cleaning and finishing Aluminum welding wire, preventing damages of the sensitive Aluminum surface by avoiding contact between wire and cord guide pulleys.


- Oil NB10H031: especially for mild steel copper-plated wire to improve corrosion stability, plasma discharge and feedability; application by conventional means, e.g. in the skin pass, felts or spraying, but also with HELICORD®, e.g. NB57W, then also removing loose particles
- HELICORD® W: cord for simultaneously cleaning and applying a finish with HELICORD® machines; finish improving corrosion protection, plasma stability and feedability with not dust absorbing solid materials


Two-step machine in production of copper-free welding wire
- first step: abrasive removal of drawing lubricants and reducing surface roughness
- second step: removal of loose particles and simultaneous application of finishing materials, e.g. by use of HELICORD® W

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