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BECHEM Unopol AL Series

Aluminium is replacing cupreous conductors in more and more applications. Traditionally, aluminium wires are drawn with oil. Especially in rod breakdown processes relatively high-viscous oils have been the state of the art for a long time. The use of such oils leads, however, to a contamination...


BECHEM Unopol S - Fully synthetic procucts in copper wire drawing

Through the consequent and continuous development of fully synthetic drawing lubricants BECHEM faces the challenge to substitute drawing emulsions. With the new BECHEM Unopol S-series fully synthetic drawing lubricants are now available which exceed by far the performance of drawing emulsions...


Beruforge 150 Series - Phosphate-free wire coating

With the coating lubricants of the Beruforge 150 series, BECHEM offers a real alternative to phosphatisation in wire coating. The reduction of production steps results in a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and cost-saving manufacture. Elimination of the lubricant carrier...



JULIUS的新一代修边机组QUATTRO300 / S可用于最大宽度为2,000 mm,最大厚度为8 mm的带材的边部处理。 与以前的型号相比,它可一次切削更多的材料,也可加工高强度材料,并在带材的边部产生一致的复合形状。 由于支撑调整的新设计,切屑的去除更好处理,因此,可以处理更粗的切屑以及一次可去除更多的材料。 在双导轨中的液压夹紧系统的定位以及更多的液压缸的使用,不仅提高了产品加工的产能,而且在加工过程中也没有震动,即使对高强度材料进行大量材料的修边。

参展商: Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG


测量大块交叉区搁浅探头的新挑战促使我们获得了几个问题的答案,例如在不同的用线股数之间的快速氧化和坏的导电,在典型要求了一个因素20(长度/尺寸)的导电器里面的偶数电流分配,还有切割探头线纠缠的问题。为了回答这些问题,我们开发了新的线承载设备model2383。它将与,可能已经在使用中的测量设备RESISTOMAT® 2304协调工作。铜探针可以使用同样的夹具设备测量,如果已经使用了恒温水槽2382,那么可以更换翻新。我们想要确保您获得正确的和最经济的设备。 特征: • 线状铝的切割探头测量 • 给纯铝或铝合金的工作 • 用相同夹具设备的线状铜测量 • 在生产程序中给简单安全测量的控制...

参展商: burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co. kg

CeramTec: Where Brute Force Has Ruled for 60 Years – Ceramics in Wire Drawing

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec have shaped the wire manufacturing industry. The company has been developing tools and components for wire drawing since 1958. The robust ceramic materials ensure higher wire quality, minimal wire breakage, and reduced maintenance costs. Ranging from wires made...

参展商: CeramTec GmbH

Linear motors enhance precision of drawing (patent pending)

EJP had introduced the new generation of its CDS-TQ series of combined drawing machines. Using a linear motor for drawing jaw actuation, has significantly simplified the mechanical design and movement of drawing jaws resulting in higher precision in bar, tube and profile drawing; improving ease...

参展商: EJP Maschinen GmbH

2 Production Lines for OJSC MMK-METIZ, Russia

EJP has received an order from Russian OJSC MMK-METIZ supply two drawing lines for their Magnitogorsk works. One is a combined drawing line CDS 300 for bright steel with diameters between 8 and 30 mm. It will be the world’s first 30-ton drawing line equipped with a driven cold rolling...

参展商: EJP Maschinen GmbH

1. 2. Mesh: Discover the new advantages and innovations of the GA series

Evolution you can touch. The optimised mesh welding machines. Always one step ahead. The new developments of the GA series accelerate your sequences and optimise your production – discover them now.

参展商: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

FLASH BUTT or ARC or LASER welding machines processing of coil joints

The requirements on coil joints are constantly increasing. For this reason, we rely on the benefits of laser welding technology – high welding speeds and excellent welding quality. IDEAL laser welding machines cut and weld coil of various qualities and material combinations using a laser...

参展商: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

Dual force welding “DD or DD0” process for the processing of non-ferrous metals

The types DSH 130 and DSH 160 in the equipment variant NE can be equipped with the dual force welding “DD” process. During the dual force welding process, an additional upset blow is performed during the welding process. This additional force application presses the heat-affected...

参展商: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

iiM AG´s innovation in die measurement – the VCPEx+Keep an eye on the wear of your extrusion tools and save money!

iiM AG has extended his well proven product family VisioCablePro® by a new measuring device, marketed under the name VCPEx+, which was specifically developed for the measurement of dies, nozzles and counterpieces. Extrusion tools can be inspected for wear with high precision. The measurement...

参展商: iiM AG

Simple QA in cable production – The VCPEasy software combines simplicity and individuality

With its very simple user interface and many possible individual uses, the operating software VCPEasy from VisioCablePro® is a winner. It offers cable manufacturers an optimum solution for ensuring cable quality and saving on valuable raw materials. The full article can be viewed via the...

参展商: iiM AG

面对线缆多样化 Code-M软件让喷码不繁却简


参展商: Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH

NIEHOFF at wire China 2018

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and Niehoff Machinery Changzhou Co. Ltd. (NMC) will display: an MMH 101 + RM 161 type multiwire drawing line from Germany which is designed to draw simultaneously 20 copper wires from 1.8 mm diameter to a minimum final diameter of 0.16 … 0.50 mm; a D 631.5...

参展商: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Cable packaging in times of Industry 4.0

The Niehoff Package System NPS can now be integrated in the new digitization concept of Maschinenfabrik Niehoff as shown by SV type double spoolers equipped with sensor technology. In this way it is possible to measure data such as motor and drive data, rotational speed, speed, vibrations. With...

参展商: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Almost as good as new again – or even better

Because of their high quality, existing Niehoff machines – even after decades of operation – are worth to be reconditioned and brought up to the latest technical standards. Such an upgrade can make machines almost as good as new, and with special measures, Niehoff upgrading...

参展商: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Latest Laser Marking Technology

With the updated model of CPLM 1064 V500, will our customers have a wide range of possibilities in meter, data and time marking, As well a huge data base of true type fonts to cover almost all requirements. Contact us for further information directly at our booth. Detailed information will be...

参展商: RSD Technik GmbH


您如何在您的產品上應用代碼? 編碼應用程序始終必須處理生產線上的環境。 每個產品必須沿著打印頭在適當的位置以適當的距離被引導。 有時這很難實現。 如果產品的位置或尺寸不同,或者形狀不允許固定安裝的打印頭,則必須沿著產品移動打印頭。 除軸控制外,我們還實現了機器人界面作為高端解決方案,允許任何可支持的打印順序。 我們集成到Code系列喷码中的用戶界面允許直接控制viper系列的熟練機器人系統。 易於使用的圖形界麵包括學習不同位置,設置配置和控制運動所需的所有元素。 通過將機器人控制直接集成到打印機中,可以非常輕鬆地處理任何組合的移動和打印。

参展商: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.


您需要对产品进行单独编码吗? 使用我们的CIJ喷墨打印机,您可以放置代码,您可以使用该代码单独跟踪任何单个产品。 对可变数据内容的要求非常具体,有时不能通过编码系统的通常标准变量来创建。 作为此任务的解决方案,我们创建了一个计算机软件,可以运行多个打印头并以高性能为这些打印头提供数据。 编写协议以跟踪每个打印的时间和日期,包括打印头编号和内容。

参展商: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.


你的编码系统看看它打印的是什么? 我们的喷码机可以配备可选的摄像系统,可永久验证打印输出。 您将获得一个系统,它既可以打印也可以监控打印输出的质量。 因此所有配置都通过一个显示器完成。 还不需要在两个独立系统之间建立通信的广泛工作 将摄像机集成到我们的喷码机系统中,可以在一个系统中立即对所需和实际打印输出进行数据比较。

参展商: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.


transfluid为当前项目开发的一款数控弯管机,适合最大φ60 mm的管路折弯,弯曲半径为1 x D。大多数同类管件包含两个或三个弯曲点,在最后一个弯曲点折弯后,数控弯管机自带的切割锯直接切割,无需额外的切割工序。 该系列的弯管机包含中心线助推功能和三层弯曲模,另加集成的自动切割工位。 近期交付的另外一个应用于发动机进气和排气管路加工的同类项目,集成自动上下料功能,弯曲,切割以及管端成型功能, 自动化操作由四台关节机器人完成,弯管机模具可互换共享。 该套自动化生产线能够加工一般由4件不同结构的管件组成的全套发动机歧管,无需后续切割。

参展商: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH


由transfluid开发制造的轴向管端成型机REB 645,允许通过快速更换模具来进行管路加工,以获得极端复杂的几何形状和的成型角度。 第一步是条形码扫描系统,使用这个系统,可以很容易地读取每个条形码所需要的加工参数与程序 —— 例如把管端成型为某种结构。 为此,配备6个成型工位成型机的所有模具都具有RFID传感器。确保正确的加工程序和正确的模具是可用的。 如果自动检测单元检测到错误的模具,带有数据存储器的操作面板会立即显示该信息并提示正确的模具更换信息。 使用transfluid方便且快速的模具更换系统,设备操作人员可以直接设置所需的模具并开始工作,以精确地成型管端。

参展商: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH


当对于弯管的要求比较复杂时,就需要一个能够提供高动态和多样化结果的解决方案,例如transfluid当前的机器人弯管方案。 在这种情况下,transluid特别开发的自动化弯管系统可以弯曲6米长的小直径管路,稳定高效运行。同时,transfluid特别开发的自动化生产单元,可以满足结构较为复杂的,长度在500mm左右的大批量管路折弯需求。 对于表面有涂层的管件,避免在加工过程中表面划伤,也可以为您提供特殊的处理方案。 为确保生产能安全,快速和彻底的进行,可以选配两台关节机器人,用于不同送料系统的折弯, 包括一组“链式上料机构”,它将长管件送料至弯曲机器人折弯。...

参展商: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Variable Endseal Trendseal

TROESTER presents the variable Endseal TRENDSEAL System for CV Lines The variable Endseal TRENDSEAL eliminates the requirement for seal changes during product changes in all types of CV lines and thus decreases tool changing times. A concave shaped roller pair, driven by AC motor can be easily...

参展商: Troester GmbH & Co. KG


随着先进的FUL183和FUL203推出,意味着WAFIOS能够提供全系列的机器,适用于包括线径高达20毫米的弹簧生产。这一系列的卷簧机主要面向汽车工业和重型车辆的应用。如果一辆纯电动或者混合动力车由于电池的重量或者SUV的设计,那么它需要更稳定的悬架弹簧。“我们的新机器提供了理想的解决方案,因为他们在高效率的前提下提供卓越的质量。这并不总是很容易能找到弹簧线径20毫米的机器”。WAFIOS执行委员会成员Uwe Peter Weigmann博士解释说。

参展商: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.


模块化、柔性机器人弯管系统TWISTER²。结合了抓取和弯管任务,系统最显著的特点是机器人完全集成到其控制系统。这使得有可能在弯管时,机器人能牢固地抓取管件。弯管机和机器人轴彼此同步地运动。该系统使三维几何形状更容易处理,保持最高水平的生产力和工艺可靠性,因为它可以做到。但它真正的亮点是,用户不需要再给机器人的控制系统一个指令-不像传统的机器,其中弯管机和机器人需要分开编程。这个WAFIOS解决方案使得有可能使用WPS 3.2 EasyWay编程系统及接口控制整个系统,包括碰撞检测。不仅如此,而且TWISTER²的模块化概念也允许第三方系统和下游工序的集成。Uwe Peter...

参展商: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.


WAFIOS新的RBV 25R弯管机,是WAFIOS如何将能源效率与高运行速度相结合的一个例子。随着新的iQConvert软件功能,机器能够实现显著地减少编程和设置时间。该系统转换CAD数据,以便它可以直接由机器的控制系统使用。

参展商: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.