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Linear motors enhance precision of drawing (patent pending)

EJP had introduced the new generation of its CDS-TQ series of combined drawing machines. Using a linear motor for drawing jaw actuation, has significantly simplified the mechanical design and movement of drawing jaws resulting in higher precision in bar, tube and profile drawing; improving ease of operation and reducing maintenance. In 2016 EJP introduced drawing machines with servo electrically actuated drawing jaws. Now EJP has taken it to the next level. With linear motors its no need to convert the rotating movement of the actuation into a linear movement. Advantages: direct force transmission, less movable parts, higher-precision drawing of bars, tubes and profiles. The linear motor design is a development of the servoelectric drawing jaw actuation, a design proved successful in more than ten machines. In the CDS featuring the new (patent-pending) system, the motors control the jaw actuation in real time based on the drawing cam contour, closing and releasing the jaws as required.

Exhibitor: EJP Maschinen GmbH

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