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Tube forming machine with automatic tool recognition

The axial tube forming machine by transfluid REB 645 allows for tube machining with quick tool changes for complex geometries and extreme degrees of forming.
The starting point is a barcode scanning system. Using this system, the processing data of a tube with individual barcode can be easily read – for an end forming for example. For this purpose, all tools of the machine, which is equipped with 6 forming stations, have sensors (RFID). This ensures that the right programme and the appropriate tools are available. If the automatic inspection unit detects a wrong tool, the operating panel with data memory displays this information immediately. The identification for the correct tool for the change is indicated as well. Using the convenient transfluid tool quick-change system the machine operator can directly set up the necessary tooling and start working to precisely form the tube end.

Exhibitor: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

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