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WAFIOS New Spring Coiling Machine FUL183 and FUL203

With available of the advanced FUL 183 and FUL 203, it now means that WAFIOS is able to provide machines for a full range of requirements in applications involving springs made from wires of up to 20 mm. Spring coiling machines in this range of sizes are primarily geared toward applications in the automotive industry and the trend in favor of heavier vehicles. If a vehicle experiences more weight on its wheels due to the batteries that come with electric and hybrid cars - or SUV designs - then it requires more stable chassis springs. "Our new machines offer the ideal solution in these cases, as they deliver outstanding quality in high production quantities. This isn't always something that's easy to find in machines that deal with spring wires of up to 20 mm", explains WAFIOS Executive Board member Dr. Uwe-Peter Weigmann.

Exhibitor: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.

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