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BECHEM Unopol AL Series

Aluminium is replacing cupreous conductors in more and more applications. Traditionally, aluminium wires are drawn with oil. Especially in rod breakdown processes relatively high-viscous oils have been the state of the art for a long time. The use of such oils leads, however, to a contamination of machines and surroundings; since filtration of the used oil is possible to a limited extent only, processing residues and oil will stick on the wire surface. The use of emulsions offers various advantages:

-Improved cooling
-Easy wash off
-Low formation of residues
-Savings of mineral oil >50 % are possible

Emulsions are the best choice for enamelled wire production. The wire drawing lubricants of the BECHEM Unopol AL series cover even the most demanding rod wire drawing operations. Even copper and aluminium wire drawing machines which currently operated with oil, can be adjusted to this new technology.


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