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BECHEM Unopol AL Series

Aluminium is replacing cupreous conductors in more and more applications. Traditionally, aluminium wires are drawn with oil. Especially in rod breakdown processes relatively high-viscous oils have been the state of the art for a long time. The use of such oils leads, however, to a contamination...


BECHEM Unopol S - Fully synthetic procucts in copper wire drawing

Through the consequent and continuous development of fully synthetic drawing lubricants BECHEM faces the challenge to substitute drawing emulsions. With the new BECHEM Unopol S-series fully synthetic drawing lubricants are now available which exceed by far the performance of drawing emulsions...


Beruforge 150 Series - Phosphate-free wire coating

With the coating lubricants of the Beruforge 150 series, BECHEM offers a real alternative to phosphatisation in wire coating. The reduction of production steps results in a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and cost-saving manufacture. Elimination of the lubricant carrier...


Strip edge trimming for high-stress processing

The JULIUS strip edging machine of the new generation QUATTRO300/S is designed for strips with a maximum width of 2,000 mm and a maximum thickness of 8 mm as a standard. It is conceived for high-stress processing with high material removal and produce complex contours at the strip edge,...

Exhibitor: Heinz Berger Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Clamping Device 2383 for conductivity measurement of stranded aluminium power cables

The new challenge of measuring large cross section stranded probes forces us to have answers for several questions as i.e. fast oxidation and bad conductivity between different strands, an even current distribution in the conductor requiring typically a factor of 20 (length/diameter) as well as...

Exhibitor: burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co. kg

CeramTec: Where Brute Force Has Ruled for 60 Years – Ceramics in Wire Drawing

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec have shaped the wire manufacturing industry. The company has been developing tools and components for wire drawing since 1958. The robust ceramic materials ensure higher wire quality, minimal wire breakage, and reduced maintenance costs. Ranging from wires made...

Exhibitor: CeramTec GmbH

Linear motors enhance precision of drawing (patent pending)

EJP had introduced the new generation of its CDS-TQ series of combined drawing machines. Using a linear motor for drawing jaw actuation, has significantly simplified the mechanical design and movement of drawing jaws resulting in higher precision in bar, tube and profile drawing; improving ease...

Exhibitor: EJP Maschinen GmbH

2 Production Lines for OJSC MMK-METIZ, Russia

EJP has received an order from Russian OJSC MMK-METIZ supply two drawing lines for their Magnitogorsk works. One is a combined drawing line CDS 300 for bright steel with diameters between 8 and 30 mm. It will be the world’s first 30-ton drawing line equipped with a driven cold rolling...

Exhibitor: EJP Maschinen GmbH

1. 2. Mesh: Discover the new advantages and innovations of the GA series

Evolution you can touch. The optimised mesh welding machines. Always one step ahead. The new developments of the GA series accelerate your sequences and optimise your production – discover them now.

Exhibitor: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

FLASH BUTT or ARC or LASER welding machines processing of coil joints

The requirements on coil joints are constantly increasing. For this reason, we rely on the benefits of laser welding technology – high welding speeds and excellent welding quality. IDEAL laser welding machines cut and weld coil of various qualities and material combinations using a laser...

Exhibitor: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

Dual force welding “DD or DD0” process for the processing of non-ferrous metals

The types DSH 130 and DSH 160 in the equipment variant NE can be equipped with the dual force welding “DD” process. During the dual force welding process, an additional upset blow is performed during the welding process. This additional force application presses the heat-affected...

Exhibitor: IDEAL-Werk C.+ E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG

iiM AG´s innovation in die measurement – the VCPEx+Keep an eye on the wear of your extrusion tools and save money!

iiM AG has extended his well proven product family VisioCablePro® by a new measuring device, marketed under the name VCPEx+, which was specifically developed for the measurement of dies, nozzles and counterpieces. Extrusion tools can be inspected for wear with high precision. The measurement...

Exhibitor: iiM AG

Simple QA in cable production – The VCPEasy software combines simplicity and individuality

With its very simple user interface and many possible individual uses, the operating software VCPEasy from VisioCablePro® is a winner. It offers cable manufacturers an optimum solution for ensuring cable quality and saving on valuable raw materials. The full article can be viewed via the...

Exhibitor: iiM AG

From simple to even simplerCode-M software with hand-held scanners to boost production diversity

The alphaJET printer from Koenig & Bauer coding is well-known for its highest speed, best stability and lowest consumption in wire and cable industry to benefit customers.  Within the context of Industry 4.0, the variety of customized wires and cables is growing fast, which leads to...

Exhibitor: Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH

Current highlight: Horizontal Taping Machines with new drive concept

With a new drive concept, LUKAS ensures a further improvement of quality in the taping technology: Undesirable effects may occur occasionally in taping units, due to frictional wear on moving parts of the force transmission (e.g., drive belts), especially when using certain taping materials....

Exhibitor: LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH

NIEHOFF at wire China 2018

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and Niehoff Machinery Changzhou Co. Ltd. (NMC) will display: an MMH 101 + RM 161 type multiwire drawing line from Germany which is designed to draw simultaneously 20 copper wires from 1.8 mm diameter to a minimum final diameter of 0.16 … 0.50 mm; a D 631.5...

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Cable packaging in times of Industry 4.0

The Niehoff Package System NPS can now be integrated in the new digitization concept of Maschinenfabrik Niehoff as shown by SV type double spoolers equipped with sensor technology. In this way it is possible to measure data such as motor and drive data, rotational speed, speed, vibrations. With...

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Almost as good as new again – or even better

Because of their high quality, existing Niehoff machines – even after decades of operation – are worth to be reconditioned and brought up to the latest technical standards. Such an upgrade can make machines almost as good as new, and with special measures, Niehoff upgrading...

Exhibitor: Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Latest Laser Marking Technology

With the updated model of CPLM 1064 V500, will our customers have a wide range of possibilities in meter, data and time marking, As well a huge data base of true type fonts to cover almost all requirements. Contact us for further information directly at our booth. Detailed information will be...

Exhibitor: RSD Technik GmbH

Robotic solution with CIJ inkjet printer

How do you apply the code on your product? A coding application always has to deal with the environment at the production line. Each product has to be guided along the print head in the right distance at the appropriate position. Sometimes this is hard to fulfill. If the positions or sizes of...

Exhibitor: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.

Database print solution with CIJ inkjet printer

Are you needing an individual Coding on your product? With our Contunuous Inkjet Printers you can place a code, with which you can individually trace any single product. The requirements to the content of variable data are very specific, and sometimes can not be created through the usual...

Exhibitor: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.

The CIJ Inkjet Printer integrated Camera system

Does your coding system see what it prints? Our CodeCenter can be provided with an optional camera system, which permanently verifies the printout. You will get ONE system, that both prints and monitors the quality of the printout. So all configurations are done through one display. The...

Exhibitor: MPI Printing Technologies Co.Ltd.

New SIKORA website: modern, intuitive and emotional

Using an easy navigation, the new web presence guides the visitor to the desired pages. The changing topics with large, emotional pictures on the homepage inform about industries and news about the company. Via the menu item ‘Service’ the visitor finds an overview on all SIKORA...

Exhibitor: Sikora (Fuzhou) Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

SIKORA devices now in white color

Since the beginning of this year SIKORA has been showing itself in a new design that has been developed in the context of a uniform corporate design relaunch. With redesigning all of the communication media such as website, brochures, product advertisements or exhibition booths the claim to...

Exhibitor: Sikora (Fuzhou) Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

A precise engine manifold with two blade cutting

A system developed by transfluid for a current project enables the processing of tubes of up to 60 mm with a bending radius of 1 x D. Most of the tubes produced in this case feature two or three bends, with the cut made straight after the last bend. No additional follow-up cuts are required. The...

Exhibitor: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Tube forming machine with automatic tool recognition

The axial tube forming machine by transfluid REB 645 allows for tube machining with quick tool changes for complex geometries and extreme degrees of forming. The starting point is a barcode scanning system. Using this system, the processing data of a tube with individual barcode can be easily...

Exhibitor: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

transfluid develops an efficient bending system for short and long pipes

transfluid develops an efficient bending system for short and long pipes When the requirements are complex, a solution is required that provides dynamic and diverse results, like in the case of transfluid’s current project. In this case, the special developed automation system bends 6 m long...

Exhibitor: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Variable Endseal Trendseal

TROESTER presents the variable Endseal TRENDSEAL System for CV Lines The variable Endseal TRENDSEAL eliminates the requirement for seal changes during product changes in all types of CV lines and thus decreases tool changing times. A concave shaped roller pair, driven by AC motor can be easily...

Exhibitor: Troester GmbH & Co. KG

WAFIOS New Spring Coiling Machine FUL183 and FUL203

With available of the advanced FUL 183 and FUL 203, it now means that WAFIOS is able to provide machines for a full range of requirements in applications involving springs made from wires of up to 20 mm. Spring coiling machines in this range of sizes are primarily geared toward applications in...

Exhibitor: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.

WAFIOS Robot Bending System TWISTER²

The modular, flexible TWISTER² robotic bending system. Combining handling and bending tasks, the system marks a first by featuring a robot fully integrated into its control area. This makes it possible to perform bending tasks while the robot keeps a firm hold of the tube. The interpolating...

Exhibitor: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.

WAFIOS Tube Bending Machine RBV25R

The new RBV 25R tube bending machine, meanwhile, is one example of how WAFIOS is combining energy efficiency with high operating speeds. With the new IQconvert software function, the machine is able to achieve significant reductions in programming and setup times. The system converts CAD data so...

Exhibitor: WAFIOS (Shanghai) Machinery Co. ,Ltd.

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