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About us

CeramTec is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of products made from advanced ceramics, specialized for wire drawing and welding.

Products and services

CeramTec has specialised tools for wire drawing in its vast product portfolio, next to products for welding technologies and metal forming.

Welding Roller

Welding Roller

Ceramic high-performance welding rollers for the production of tubes

Ceramic Wire Drawing Tools

Ceramic Wire Drawing Tools

Wire Drawing Tools made from high-performance ceramics

News & Innovations

CeramTec: Where Brute Force Has Ruled for 60 Years – Ceramics in Wire Drawing 

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec have shaped the wire manufacturing industry. The company has been developing tools and components for wire drawing since 1958. The robust ceramic materials ensure higher wire quality, minimal wire breakage, and reduced maintenance costs.

Ranging from wires made of precious metals like gold in hi-fi speaker cables to the extensive cabling in the advancing e-mobility sector to high-voltage lines – wires are everywhere, performing their duty unseen. However, by the time a wire makes it onto the market in the desired thickness and quality, it has already undergone a genesis under the hardest conditions.

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec play a decisive role in wire manufacturing, for nothing but the highest tensile forces are sufficient when it comes to turning raw wire into fine wire. CeramTec’s ceramic materials are standard in the production of copper and non-ferrous metal wires worldwide, for nothing but the highest tensile forces are sufficient when it comes to turning raw wire into fine wire. One of the reasons market-leading machine manufacturers in this industry sector look to the yellow ceramic is because it is explicitly requested by end customers.
Advanced ceramics have proven themselves under the prolonged wear conditions of modern wire drawing machines. The surfaces of the ceramic materials are highly resistant to thermal and chemical influences. Machine components such as drawing rings, capstans, eyelets, form elements, guide rolls, or ring segments are more able to withstand the constant, high stress that they are subject to in the process. Users benefit from the high level of dimensional accuracy with which wires can be manufactured. This results from the hard, clearly defined surface, the secret of which lies in the particle size of the materials. It can be defined so exactly that it enables every surface to be manufactured with precisely those special properties that will be best suited to the requirements of the application in question.


CeramTec GmbH
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CeramTec Suzhou Ltd.
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P. R. China

Phone: +86 512 62620992

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